Horror Hangover

Magic Priests?!

November 25, 2021

This week on the Horror Hangover Show, Cass and Ryan break down the history of magic priests in possession-led horror films! We discuss the early origins of this trope, why it endures, & what else we hope to see from the haunting subgenre of demonic possession in the future. We cover what worked (priest-wise) in THE EXORCIST & give TWO indie darlings this week that brings the trope to a new level -- THE DIVINE FURY, & THE OLD WAYS.



  • Italian Streghe & its belief in the evil eye & more!
  • Sidney Olcott's From the Manger to the Cross
  • Cecil B. Demille's The King of Kings
  • Christian interpretation of exorcism films from Decent Films -- which we don't endorse but inspired some curiosity for us as raised/now-decidedly not Catholics
  • Ry goes IN on Blatty vs. Levin in this horror essay!
  • Cass' review of The Old Ways!


  • FeliceY for our logo design
  • Cano Jaguar for our creepy intro. mix
  • Father Dyer & Kinderman's undying love for each other that DGG shall not disturb nor alter in any way/shape/form
  • Yong-hu's (Park Seo-joon) magical jab-cross combo
  • Cousin Miranda (Andrea Cortés), who not only saves the day but inspires a new generation of Bruja culture to live on & kick demon butt!

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